Providing 361 possible valving combinations 19 independently adjustable compression and rebound settings. Ride height adjustability and compression plus rebound adjustability are all in one convenient easy adjustment. 

The 2-1/2” diameter springs are available in a wide variety of rates from street to drag racing. Viking kits are a direct bolt-on and increase your vehicles handling in any track situation. Adjustments are made by clicking the adjusters by hand, no tools are required! Viking utilizes a thrust bearing which contributes to a factory steering feel. Ride height is adjusted via spanner wrench and requires only a few minutes per side. 

Strut kit must be used with Suspension Concepts caster and camber plates SC44005SC supplied in kit. Does not work with factory camber plates. 

Thrust bearings and spanner wrench are included in the kit.

Supplied in kit are Ball Joints to install in the VB-VS lower wishbones.

VX-VY hub/spindle must be used in this application

Using an anti-roll bar of any type will require purchasing the end link kit # 7976-202


SKU: 11-2012