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Custom Mount Double Adjustable Coil Over Shocks

• All Viking shocks are double adjustable allowing the user to independently adjust compression and rebound
• Huge adjustment range allows the user to adjust settings for comfortable cruising to high performance racing, and everything in between
• Evenly spaced valving adjustments from click to click
• 19 positions of compression adjustment and 19 positions of rebound adjustment for a total of 361 different valving combinations
• Lightweight aluminium twin-tube design with a sleek clear anodized finish
• Adjustment knobs: Labelled with a “C” for compression and an “R” for rebound
• Ride height adjustable. Increased range of ride height adjustment over most other brands. Tight tolerances on threads provides for easier ride height adjustments.
  Left hand threads between the base and the body ensures that the shock doesn’t come apart when adjusting ride height, as can occur with certain other brands
• Aluminium, precision machined piston with deflective disc technology and a PTFE / bronze piston seal
• Three-step sealing system
• 5/8” hard chrome plated, centerless ground piston rod
• Each shock is dyno tested and serialized
• Available in a multitude of custom mount or stock mount styles. In bearing mount shocks, Viking uses steel bearing races, not the less expensive nylon race bearings
• Viking’s double adjustable shocks are priced close to the single adjustable price of most other manufacturers. Viking focuses on double adjustable shocks only,
  which means a lower price for you!
• Two year materials and workmanship warranty. Double the warranty of nearly every other manufacturer!
• Made in the U.S.A.

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